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he nutrition and▓ food department at Peking University, said that even though the data are a decade old, they show a gene

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ral trend.Experts have warned that sugar-sweetened beverages might put children's health at risk, increasing the possi

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bility of obesity, tooth decay and Type 2 diabetes.Ma said there is no doubt that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages ▓w

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ill increase the chance a child will become obese."It will directly increase the energy intake ▓of children, which will s

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timulate the kids' appetite," he s▓aid.According to a 2015 survey published by the New England Journal of Medicine, China


's child obesity▓ rate ranked highest among the 195 countries surveyed and ▓

is one of the fastest-growing in the world."It was also easy to connect the excessive intake of sugary drinks with children's decayed teeth,"▓ Ma said.The fourth National Oral Health Survey in 2015 show▓ed that 5-year-old Chinese ch

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ildren had a 70.9 percent chance of tooth decay, an increase of 5.8 percentage points in 10 years.Ma also advised stay

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ing alert to other foods that contain added sugar锛峟or example, cakes and pastries.There is no world standard for what

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hinese children far surpassed some other countries.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR C

ode to follow us on WechatShould height-based discounts for children be a thing of the pas

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ounts for children be a thin▓g of the past?05-14-2018 09:56 BJTChina's long-standing policy o

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